Top Sex Toys for Self Defense

I've heard of some pretty amazing sex toy life hacks, but a recent news story out of San Bernardino, California took things to a whole new level.  When an armed would-be robber entered an adult store called Lotions & Lace, the two clerks pelted him with sex toys until he fled.  And (to the robber's chagrin, I'm sure) it was all captured...
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Dear Teenage Me – A Letter to My Past Self

This post was inspired by a random thought from a meeting of Blog Squad Anxiety Support Group in the hotel parking lot at Woodhull.  I was feeling extremely relaxed and happy, having a great time with some amazing people, and I wished I could go back and tell my awkward, anxious teenage self that things are going to get better. Read more

Blogiversary: Ninja Sexology Turns Two!

It seems impossible, but the calendar says it's true.  Two years ago today, I pressed "Publish" on my very first blog post.  It's blogiversary time again! My first year was spent experimenting, letting things happen.  I was like a kid playing dress-up, trying on a blogger costume.  This year was more deliberate, a little less chaotic.  I started planning more posts in advance, thinking about how...
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The EuphOff, Part Deux: Tech Support

It's here once again... that scary time when you're afraid to read on for fear of the horrors you may encounter.  No, not Halloween.  It's THE RETURN OF THE EUPHOFF!!! For those unfamiliar with this madness, the EuphOff is an unholy event in which writers from across the internet strive to craft the very worst erotic tales.  It is hosted by...
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A Musical Tribute

I wanted to write a post in honor of National Orgasm Day.  I meant to write something inspiring, something deep, something that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and wonder of sexual climax. Regrettably, this is not that post.  My brain is in goofball mode, there will be nothing profound from me today.  I will, however, share with you the utterly ridiculous product of my writing effort...   Read more

Review: Jewelry N’ Kegels

Hey ladies!  I'm sure by now you've all heard of Jewelry in Candles, the scented candles that reveal a shiny jewelry surprise as they melt.  Now there's a fun and naughty twist on that classic idea... Jewelry N' Kegels! You may have heard that exercising your vaginal muscles by doing kegel exercises can help your lady bits feel tighter and better...
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