Partner Play: Dildos and Double Penetration

Note: For the purposes of this post, I'll be talking about my own experiences/fantasies involving double penetration (specifically, double vaginal).  Also, the dildo pairs in photos are put together more for artistic flair than as a recommendation. The year was 1994, and a much younger version of me was making out with a college boyfriend in his dorm room.  During a...
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Safer Sexting: A Guide to Keeping Your Pics Private

I love sexting.  I love sending sexy pictures.  I love the confidence boost that comes from an enthusiastic response, knowing my partner is turned on by what they see.  I love getting sexts in return, and telling my partner all the things I want to do with them next time we meet.  It's a fantastic way to get the rush of...
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A Sex Ninja’s Gift List Guide

Putting together my holiday wish list for family and friends, I've often struggled to come up with good ideas.  A lot of the things I want are the sort of items that would considerable awkwardness if they popped up under the tree.  But over the years, I've found ways to ask for sex-related items without anyone being the wiser.

Etsy Gift Certificate

Many people...
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Guide: Sex Toy Shopping on Etsy

***Etsy Shop List updated 1/19/2018*** Most everyone has heard of Etsy, the website where folks from all over world sell unique vintage and handmade products.  What many people don't know is that some of those crafters are making and selling sex toys.  You can find dildos that are truly one of a kind, toys beautifully crafted with loving care. Unfortunately, you can also...
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday is, hands down, THE BEST time to shop for sex toys.  The deals are getting started now, and will continue through Cyber Monday.  You'll see phenomenal prices as well as sales on rarely discounted items.  If you've been waiting for the right moment to buy yourself or your partner a little something special, it has arrived!


Ninja Tips: Flying With Sex Toys

Dealing with airport security is quite possibly the least fun part of travel.  Long lines, pulling out liquids and laptops, emptying pockets, taking off shoes... the process is unpleasant under the best of circumstances.  Because of all the rules, regulations and hassles, the prospect of packing sex toys for a trip can be a little unnerving.  The first time I packed...
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Ninja Tips: Stealth Sex Toy Storage

Whenever I see photos from fellow bloggers with their magnificent toy collections prominently displayed, I get a little bit jealous.  I would love to display my dildos in a spice rack, or arrange them openly in a door-mounted shoe organizer, but storage solutions like that don't work for me.  I keep my toys safely tucked away from the eyes of...
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