A Quick One About Quickies

I'm literally on my way out the door.  He really should be getting ready to leave for that meeting.  I have to get going to pick up the kids.  But neither of us cares, because we have another, far more pressing need.  I drop my purse, raise an eyebrow and move toward him.  He tells me to behave in a tone that says the...
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Dear Teenage Me – A Letter to My Past Self

This post was inspired by a random thought from a meeting of Blog Squad Anxiety Support Group in the hotel parking lot at Woodhull.  I was feeling extremely relaxed and happy, having a great time with some amazing people, and I wished I could go back and tell my awkward, anxious teenage self that things are going to get better. Read more

On Friends and Benefits (and also Magical Penis Theory)

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that being friends with benefits is a recipe for disaster, I'd be able to buy everything on my sex toy wish list.  And maybe a few years' worth of lube to go with it.  Sex ruins friendships, some people insist.  It complicates everything.  There's always an...
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Me and My Clit 2 – Experiments in Pleasure

So, when we left off in this tale of self-discovery, my preteen self had finally managed to get properly acquainted with her clit and achieve her orgasmic goal.  The next several years were spent building on what I had learned, primarily through extremely frequent practice. I experimented to see how quickly I could get off, or how long I could draw...
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Masturbation Inspiration

As you should be aware by now, May is Masturbation Month.  As a sex blogger and toy reviewer, I'm celebrating pretty much every day...but I do like to do a post in honor of the occasion.  I couldn't manage a Free Range Sex Toy weekend this May, but I thought of another way to keep in the spirit of things.   Throughout this month, I made a...
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Me and My Clit – Part One

Note: This post was inspired by Girly Juice's kickass post about her diva clit, which made me reflect on my own clit quirks.   I highly recommend that you check it out As a sex blogger and toy reviewer, I've developed a very clear understanding of what my clit wants.  Vibration should be rumbly, not buzzy.  Power should be medium strength,...
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A Little Love for Lube

Lube: it's slippery, and slick and makes all kinds of solo and partnered pursuits more enjoyable.  It even played a part in the birth of my oldest daughter.  The midwife rubbed her head with it as she was crowning to ease her way into the world.  And amusingly enough, I used silicone lubricant to help fight through a particularly nasty tangle in...
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A New Year’s Revelation

Without a doubt, 2015 was a year that kicked my ass and I was not even remotely sorry to see it go.  It brought record levels of work stress, and many plans foiled by circumstances beyond human control.  I watched friends and family go through all manner of struggles, upheaval and less than positive change.  Most painfully, it brought serious health challenges for...
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Erotic Brainstorming

This wasn't meant to be a post.  I wrote a series of memories, fantasies and images that have run through my mind while getting off, planning to eventually turn one or more into stories.  But when I read the list over, I decided the snippets were worth sharing in their current rough and unfinished form.  

His eyes widen as he...

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These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For

Have you ever wondered what other superpowers Iron Man might get from all that tech he's wearing?  Maybe you fantasized about the fembots in Austin Powers.  Or perhaps, like my teenage self, you found yourself surprisingly turned on when Lt. Data assured Tasha Yar that he was "fully functional".  Technology can be sexy, which is why it surprised me that there have...
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