Erotic Brainstorming

This wasn't meant to be a post.  I wrote a series of memories, fantasies and images that have run through my mind while getting off, planning to eventually turn one or more into stories.  But when I read the list over, I decided the snippets were worth sharing in their current rough and unfinished form.  

His eyes widen as he...

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These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For

Have you ever wondered what other superpowers Iron Man might get from all that tech he's wearing?  Maybe you fantasized about the fembots in Austin Powers.  Or perhaps, like my teenage self, you found yourself surprisingly turned on when Lt. Data assured Tasha Yar that he was "fully functional".  Technology can be sexy, which is why it surprised me that there have...
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A Dildo I Can’t Handle

I never thought this day would come, but I have finally found a dildo that is just too much for me.  Not from a size perspective, I just can't bring myself to think about using this thing. If you're familiar with my large and eccentric dildo collection, you might be surprised to learn that my nemesis is a relatively ordinary sized, human penis-shaped toy.  What...
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A Musical Tribute

I wanted to write a post in honor of National Orgasm Day.  I meant to write something inspiring, something deep, something that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and wonder of sexual climax. Regrettably, this is not that post.  My brain is in goofball mode, there will be nothing profound from me today.  I will, however, share with you the utterly ridiculous product of my writing effort...   Read more

How Can You Think About Sex At a Time Like This?

The last three months have been some of the hardest of my life.  I've not shared many details publicly, but one of my daughters is facing some significant health challenges.  I've spent many hours driving to hospitals and doctors' appointments, researching treatments, and what seems like an eternity slashing through red tape and bureaucratic bullshit to get her the right help.  After...
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A Masturbation Celebration

For anyone who might have missed the memo, May is National Masturbation Month.  It's a time to reflect on and enjoy self-pleasure.  It's a cause I support wholeheartedly, and (as evidenced by the existence of this blog) one in which I partake frequently.  Aside from the obvious reason, masturbation has always been a stress management and relaxation tool for me.  I remember the sense...
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Blogiversary: Ninja Sexology Turns One!

Cakeninja One year ago today, I published the first post on Ninja Sexology.  I'll freely admit that I had no idea what I was doing.  I was inspired to join the blogging community, so I got a domain and jumped in with both feet.  My "strategy" was simple... start writing, see what happens, learn as...
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