On Friends and Benefits (and also Magical Penis Theory)

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that being friends with benefits is a recipe for disaster, I'd be able to buy everything on my sex toy wish list.  And maybe a few years' worth of lube to go with it.  Sex ruins friendships, some people insist.  It complicates everything.  There's always an...
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Hex, No – Why I’m Done With Lelo

Oh, Lelo.  Once upon a time, your sex toys were the stuff of my dreams.  Sure, you pretentiously called them "pleasure objects" but a little snobbery could be overlooked from the industry leader in luxury vibes.  Your vibes were body safe and rechargeable, with graceful, visually pleasing designs and an array of fun, bright colors.  It was a simpler time. Sadly, shortly...
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Rant Break: On Sex Toys “For Couples”

If you've shopped for sex toys, you've probably come across the "for couples" category on one site or another.  The term is often used to refer to vibrators that are designed for hands-free use during penis-in-vagina sex [1. Because apparently all couples involve one penis and one vagina, and no one ever has sex in a group larger than two people].  Think of...
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PSA: That’s Not a Vagina

Quick quiz for all of you reading this...what's wrong with the following sentences?
  1. I got razor burn from shaving my vagina.
  2. My friend suggested that all of her bridesmaids bedazzle their vaginas for the wedding.
  3. I used new detergent to wash my underwear and now my vagina itches.
The answer?  All of the situations above apply to vulvas, not vaginas.  Somehow, the word "vagina" has...
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Rant Break: Nope Overload

I'm supposed to be writing erotica tonight.  I want to, I really do.  Sadly, I cannot accomplish my goal because my brain has become clogged with massive amounts of NOPE.   The NOPE factor has reached critical mass and if I don't release some of it, I may explode.

Nope #1 - The Go-Go Glider is a no go

First up on the...
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All Health Care Costs Are Not Created Equal

The mandate that health insurance begin covering birth control has been one of the more controversial aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  Aside from religious objections, cost was cited as the major concern.  There were complaints from individuals and employers who didn't want their premiums increasing as a result of the expanded coverage.  News...
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Selfies, Shame and Safety: Thoughts on the iCloud Hack

This weekend, the news broke that Jennifer Lawrence and many other female celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked.  Private nude photos were stolen and posted to various internet sites.  While the violation of their privacy was terrible, the reactions seen across social media, and in the comments on the news articles make matters worse.  There is a large population that believes women...
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Rant Break: SCOTUS and Hobby Lobby Rage

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby has the right to deny insurance coverage for certain types of birth control (IUD and emergency contraception like Plan B) to its employees based on the religious beliefs of its owners.  You may have noticed that there's been a lot of righteous rage on Twitter and all over the Internet, as well there should be. But there's also...
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