Woodhull SFS16: Bloggers Assemble!

You know that feeling you get when something that you've anticipated for ages is about to happen?  When there's another book due from your favorite author, or a new album from an amazing band and you wonder "Can this possibly live up to what I've imagined it will be?"  That was how I felt heading into the 2016 Sexual Freedom Summit. ...
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PSA: That’s Not a Vagina

Quick quiz for all of you reading this...what's wrong with the following sentences?
  1. I got razor burn from shaving my vagina.
  2. My friend suggested that all of her bridesmaids bedazzle their vaginas for the wedding.
  3. I used new detergent to wash my underwear and now my vagina itches.
The answer?  All of the situations above apply to vulvas, not vaginas.  Somehow, the word "vagina" has...
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Woodhull SFS 2015 – The Saga Continues

  This is Part 2 of my Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit experience... if you missed Part 1, click here to catch up.

Saturday: Morning Workshops and Luncheon

After a stop at the hotel breakfast buffet to fuel up and caffeinate myself, I headed to Saturday's first session on Sex, Shame and Love with Charlie Glickman.  Charlie talked about...
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Woodhull SFS 2015 – Adventures in Blogging

When I was a kid, I always wished I could go away to summer camp.  I'd read countless books about the magic of camp and the incredible friendships born there.  I wanted that mystical experience of meeting a bunch of other kids from different places, spending every waking hour together, forging bonds that would keep us close until we could...
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A Masturbation Celebration

For anyone who might have missed the memo, May is National Masturbation Month.  It's a time to reflect on and enjoy self-pleasure.  It's a cause I support wholeheartedly, and (as evidenced by the existence of this blog) one in which I partake frequently.  Aside from the obvious reason, masturbation has always been a stress management and relaxation tool for me.  I remember the sense...
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Help Burlesque Toys Get a Brick and Mortar Store!

Hey, have you heard?  Burlesque Toys, one of my favorite online stores, just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to open a store in Philadelphia.  I'm excited because Burlesque is a sex-positive retailer that promotes education and sells only body-safe sex toys.  They also carry unique, beautiful lingerie, and their site has a welcoming, artistic flair. Selfishly, I'm also excited because I visit Philadelphia periodically and...
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