Review: SelfDelve Aubergine (Eggplant)

If you're into sex toys that don't look like sex toys, this review is for you.  If your orifices are hungry for veggies, SelfDelve has a remarkable variety of realistic specimens to choose from.  When I was given my choice of items to review, I considered the carrot, pondered the Read more

Review: Doc Johnson Tru Ride 8 (Truskyn)

Dual density silicone has a feel unlike anything else: a soft, squishable outer layer over a firm core.  It's much beloved by many a sex blogger (see classic designs like the Vixen Mustang or Tantus Cush) , but they can be expensive.  Doc Johnson's Truskyn line brings dual density silicone toys into a...
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Review: Mr. Hankey Toys Lampwick (Medium)

Update: Since the posting of this review, my opinion of Mr. Hankey has shifted dramatically.  When called out for their exploitive "free toy" program, they attacked and insulted sex bloggers on social media.  Their conduct directly contradicted their wish to be more inclusive, as expressed when I took on this review.  To learn more, you can read this post. It's...
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Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

I have deeply mixed feelings about the Stronic Bi Fusion.  On one hand, I absolutely adore the unique thrusting action in a shape that finds my G-spot far more effectively and reliably than my beloved Stronic Eins.  On the other hand, there's the sadness of the weak, buzzy nature of the clit arm.  I wanted the Fusion to join Fun Factory's potent,...
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Review: Exotic-Erotics Wraith (Medium)

As a reviewer, I’m always happy to hear that a new toy is on its way to me. But reviewing for Exotic-Erotics holds a special place in my heart because I get a custom toy made to my specifications. Color, size, firmness…even the option to add a suction cup on some items. I was especially excited to review...
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Review: Closet Collection Mademoiselle

I had only positive thoughts when I selected the Mademoiselle to review.  I guess I haven't been doing this long enough, I'm still a wide-eyed optimist when I look at opportunities.  Even when I have heard that a particular toy I'm about to receive is terrible, I withhold judgment and hope against all odds that I might be pleasantly surprised.  These were...
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Review: G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop (Medium/Large)

The G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop doesn't look like any other sex toy I've ever seen.  True to its name, it resembles a sweet, spherical lollipop on a very long stick, or a shimmering, magical fairy wand.  Upon unpacking it, I immediately attempted to twirl it like a baton... which was amusing until I smacked myself in the forehead. Given...
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