As much as I would love to be able to write about every sex-related topic under the sun, there are just not enough hours in the day.  Also, my blog is only one perspective, based my unique experiences.  There are many excellent reference posts and directories from around the blogosphere, below are a few of my personal favorites.


Sex Toy Reviewer Directory by Dangerous Lilly

Trying to track down a toy review from someone whose body type and preferences are similar to yours?  Look no further than Lilly’s amazing reviewer directory.  You can scroll through the list of bloggers and quickly learn our body types, preferences and other factors that lead us to love or loathe particular toys.  I’ll be the first to admit my tastes are a little unconventional, so I encourage you to check out the plethora of expert opinions my fellow bloggers have to offer.


Sex Utensil Materials: Silicone (aka the Epic Silicone Post) by Lorax of Sex

So you’re looking at a silicone sex toy online and wondering exactly how firm it is.  Wonder no more!  This post is the most comprehensive, encyclopedic guide to the firmness of different brands of silicone that I know of.  I can also say that based on my experience of many of these products, it’s highly accurate.  Seek the wisdom of Lorax!


Superhero Sex Shops by JoEllen Notte (Redhead Bedhead)

Online sex toy shopping is all well and good, but brick and mortar stores let you check out products in person.  To find a shop near you that offers quality products, helpful staff and an inclusive environment, take a look at this incredible list.


Epiphora’s beginner’s guide to sex toy reviewing and blogging

This post is a big part of the reason that my blog exists today.  I kicked around the idea of blogging for awhile, but stalled because the process of getting started seemed overwhelming.  Epiphora made it seem do-able when I had absolutely no idea where to begin.  If you’re considering starting a blog of your own, this is a treasure trove of information.


That’s Not a Vagina!

Shameless self-promotion here…this is a side project that Dizzygirl and I started out of frustration with people who say “vagina” when they mean “vulva”.  Should you notice anyone making this faux-pas, please feel free to direct them to our educational site.  If you’d like us to call out a particular offender in a post, there’s a handy contact form to let us know.