No, there is not an actual SinusVibe 3000.  This is a cheap-o bullet vibe from Amazon, doctored to play this role.  The “Vibe Tape” is actually bondage tape.  It will actually hold the bullets in place, but it isn’t exactly comfortable and looks absolutely ridiculous.

If you’re seriously interested in using a vibrator for sinus pain, I favor the heated and rumbly Rosa Rouge.  Honestly though, any rumbly vibe will do the trick, especially if it’s waterproof and combined with a hot, steamy shower.

One more sex toy hack for the road: If the inside of your nose is dry and irritated (say, from the heat running non-stop in the winter), use a Q-Tip to apply a thin layer of lube before bed.  It soothes and keeps things hydrated…and that’s no joke!