Sex Toy Snapshots, Volume 4

I promised a special photo shoot if I succeeded in becoming a Sex Blogging Superhero... sadly, this is not that post.  I'm recovering from a weekend trip with the kids, and my creative juices are just not flowing. To bide the time until I can produce a suitable masterpiece, here is another gallery of my collection.  I'm also realizing that my dildo army has...
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Pondering Dildos as Art

The other day, I got a Tumblr message inquiring about my appreciation of dildos as art:

"What makes you look at a dildo and be like "festinating art and detail"? Do you also watch porn for the story?"

After concluding that the author probably meant to type "fascinating", I started to compose a quick reply to this somewhat...

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Sex Toy Snapshots, Volume 3

Here's the latest installment of my collection photos... though I have to say, at the rate my collection is growing, I have more work to do!  There will soon be New Things to review from Hole Punch Toys (the long-coveted Crotch Rocket) and Primal Hardwere (the Neigh Sayer).  I also need to take some more silly dinosaur shots with my...
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Sex Toy Snapshots, The Sequel

I have learned one lesson from my recent blog and social media stats: people really like looking at pictures of colorful and unusual sex toys.  Armed with this profound wisdom, I have decided to make toy photos a semi-regular feature here.  Aside from being popular, it's amusing to invent new and interesting ways to photograph dildos.  For example, I've always thought that my legacy...
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Sex Toy Snapshots

For those of you who have asked to see more pictures of my collection, here's a little appetizer. I have a lot of work left to do, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or in my case, the gallery of a thousand dildos begins with a single snap...   [gallery columns="1" type="slideshow" link="file" orderby="rand" ids="1024,1016,1017,1020,1022,1018,1021,1019"]...
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Review: Damn Average Longstang

The first time I saw pictures of the Longstang, I was not impressed.  It looks simple... long, tapering to above-average girth, fairly smooth.  No wild texture, fairly small head, long and straight... just those three bumps on the shaft.  And yet...I'd heard people rave about it, calling it one of the greatest toys in their collections. When a sale popped up at...
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