A Musical Tribute

I wanted to write a post in honor of National Orgasm Day.  I meant to write something inspiring, something deep, something that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and wonder of sexual climax. Regrettably, this is not that post.  My brain is in goofball mode, there will be nothing profound from me today.  I will, however, share with you the utterly ridiculous product of my writing effort...   Read more

Review: Damn Average Longstang

The first time I saw pictures of the Longstang, I was not impressed.  It looks simple... long, tapering to above-average girth, fairly smooth.  No wild texture, fairly small head, long and straight... just those three bumps on the shaft.  And yet...I'd heard people rave about it, calling it one of the greatest toys in their collections. When a sale popped up at...
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Review: Tantus Echo Handle

As someone who enjoys vigorous thrusting with dildos, I'm sometimes frustrated by toys with unwieldy bases or large, heavy balls.  I understand the reasons for those designs: harness compatibility, anal safety, more realistic appearance and such.  But when I saw the Echo Handle from Tantus, my heart skipped a beat.  This was clearly a toy made for thrusting! Read more