Review: Fun Factory Delight

When I show my non-blogger friends sex toys that I'm reviewing, I usually get responses like "Oh, cool!" or "That looks like fun!"  In the case of the Fun Factory Delight, reactions were rather different, and included comments such as:

"Wait, how does that even work?"

"It's pretty, but I'm confused..."

"I can't even begin...

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Review: Gigabeast by Frisky Beast

When people hear how many dildos I own, they sometimes inquire why anyone would ever have so many.  Isn't one pretty much the same as another?  How many variations on a penis can there possibly be?  I dedicate my review of the Gigabeast to those folks who have yet to comprehend the magnificent diversity of fantasy...
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Review: Shibari Mini Halo Wand

I'm on a streak of purple sex toy reviews lately, which may seem like a clever bit of blog branding but is in fact merely an aesthetically pleasing coincidence.  The latest violet vibe to come my way is the Shibari Mini Halo Wand, courtesy of Peepshow Toys.  I hadn't had the chance to try any Shibari products before, and...
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Review: Blush Novelties Arielle

I love the idea of rabbit-style vibrators.  The ability to single-handedly stimulate internally and externally sounds so perfect.  Buying my first rabbit taught me that great sex toy ideas do not always translate into great sex toys.  Subsequent rabbits reinforced that lesson.  In general, if I could position the toy for optimal clitoral stimulation, it did nothing for me internally (and vice...
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