Review: Fun Factory Lady Bi

I have a rather lengthy history of frustration with dual stimulation vibrators.  My clit has been stabbed by rabbit ears, missed completely by a tiny clit twig, and left wanting by a weak, buzzy flipper.  And yet I occasionally find myself tempted to try another, because I like the idea of easy, one-handed dual stim.  The...
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Blogiversary 3 and the Great Dildo Weigh-In Contest

Yes, it's that time of year again.  The weather is gray and slushy, the Valentine's Day candy has all gone on clearance sale, and I'm celebrating another year as a sex blogger.  As per usual, this blogiversary post will have retrospective look at the past 365 days, accompanied by updated photos of my ever-expanding sex toy collection.  And this year, I'm...
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Review: Fun Factory Delight

When I show my non-blogger friends sex toys that I'm reviewing, I usually get responses like "Oh, cool!" or "That looks like fun!"  In the case of the Fun Factory Delight, reactions were rather different, and included comments such as:

"Wait, how does that even work?"

"It's pretty, but I'm confused..."

"I can't even begin...

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Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

I have deeply mixed feelings about the Stronic Bi Fusion.  On one hand, I absolutely adore the unique thrusting action in a shape that finds my G-spot far more effectively and reliably than my beloved Stronic Eins.  On the other hand, there's the sadness of the weak, buzzy nature of the clit arm.  I wanted the Fusion to join Fun Factory's potent,...
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Review: Fun Factory Jazzie

I love Fun Factory vibes for many reasons: cool designs, powerful motors, bright colors, convenient controls.  But all of that awesomeness tends to come with a large price tag. While I believe their toys are worth shelling out for, I understand that many Fun Factory toys aren't an option for folks on a limited budget. Enter Jazzie, and its cousins...
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Sex Toy Snapshots, Volume 4

I promised a special photo shoot if I succeeded in becoming a Sex Blogging Superhero... sadly, this is not that post.  I'm recovering from a weekend trip with the kids, and my creative juices are just not flowing. To bide the time until I can produce a suitable masterpiece, here is another gallery of my collection.  I'm also realizing that my dildo army has...
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