Review: SelfDelve Aubergine (Eggplant)

If you're into sex toys that don't look like sex toys, this review is for you.  If your orifices are hungry for veggies, SelfDelve has a remarkable variety of realistic specimens to choose from.  When I was given my choice of items to review, I considered the carrot, pondered the Read more

Review: Doc Johnson Tru Ride 8 (Truskyn)

Dual density silicone has a feel unlike anything else: a soft, squishable outer layer over a firm core.  It's much beloved by many a sex blogger (see classic designs like the Vixen Mustang or Tantus Cush) , but they can be expensive.  Doc Johnson's Truskyn line brings dual density silicone toys into a...
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Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

I have deeply mixed feelings about the Stronic Bi Fusion.  On one hand, I absolutely adore the unique thrusting action in a shape that finds my G-spot far more effectively and reliably than my beloved Stronic Eins.  On the other hand, there's the sadness of the weak, buzzy nature of the clit arm.  I wanted the Fusion to join Fun Factory's potent,...
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A Dildo I Can’t Handle

I never thought this day would come, but I have finally found a dildo that is just too much for me.  Not from a size perspective, I just can't bring myself to think about using this thing. If you're familiar with my large and eccentric dildo collection, you might be surprised to learn that my nemesis is a relatively ordinary sized, human penis-shaped toy.  What...
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Review: Exotic-Erotics Wraith (Medium)

As a reviewer, I’m always happy to hear that a new toy is on its way to me. But reviewing for Exotic-Erotics holds a special place in my heart because I get a custom toy made to my specifications. Color, size, firmness…even the option to add a suction cup on some items. I was especially excited to review...
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Review: Closet Collection Mademoiselle

I had only positive thoughts when I selected the Mademoiselle to review.  I guess I haven't been doing this long enough, I'm still a wide-eyed optimist when I look at opportunities.  Even when I have heard that a particular toy I'm about to receive is terrible, I withhold judgment and hope against all odds that I might be pleasantly surprised.  These were...
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