Review: Funkit Toys Swat, Swell and Rhino MK.II

Why do I love Funkit Toys?  It might be that they look different from any other silicone toy on the market, clear with swirls and bursts of color.[1. The rainbow color scheme is named for the amazing Crista!]  Maybe it's the irreverently tilted "n" in their logo, or the fact that the owner/artist refers to himself as "Lead Fucksmith".  I...
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Review: Tantus Tsunami

Oh, Tsunami.  I wanted to love you.  Your curve, your ridges, your shimmery purple silicone that picks up blue highlights in the right light.  I've heard so many others sing your praises.  Girly Juice touts your magnificent A-spot stimulation, and your role in Crista's OrgasmQuest is the stuff of legends.  But sadly, you're just not...
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Review: Tantus Echo Handle

As someone who enjoys vigorous thrusting with dildos, I'm sometimes frustrated by toys with unwieldy bases or large, heavy balls.  I understand the reasons for those designs: harness compatibility, anal safety, more realistic appearance and such.  But when I saw the Echo Handle from Tantus, my heart skipped a beat.  This was clearly a toy made for thrusting! Read more