Erotic Brainstorming

This wasn't meant to be a post.  I wrote a series of memories, fantasies and images that have run through my mind while getting off, planning to eventually turn one or more into stories.  But when I read the list over, I decided the snippets were worth sharing in their current rough and unfinished form.  

His eyes widen as he...

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Review – Submission: Erotica For Women

Title: Submission: Erotica for Women Editor: Alex Algren 46 pages Submitting to a partner, surrendering control to my partner has long been a fantasy of mine.  I was excited to review this collection of submission-themed stories, especially since it features well-known erotica authors like Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel. Each story in this anthology features a male-female couple in which the male is dominant.  The stories within range from...
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