Top Sex Toys for Self Defense

I've heard of some pretty amazing sex toy life hacks, but a recent news story out of San Bernardino, California took things to a whole new level.  When an armed would-be robber entered an adult store called Lotions & Lace, the two clerks pelted him with sex toys until he fled.  And (to the robber's chagrin, I'm sure) it was all captured...
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Woodhull SFS16: Bloggers Assemble!

You know that feeling you get when something that you've anticipated for ages is about to happen?  When there's another book due from your favorite author, or a new album from an amazing band and you wonder "Can this possibly live up to what I've imagined it will be?"  That was how I felt heading into the 2016 Sexual Freedom Summit. ...
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Review: Tantus Adam

The Tantus Adam is deceptively ordinary looking.  Its length and girth are in the average range, at 7 inches and 1.6 inches respectively.  It's flesh toned and semi-realistic with a slight curve and very mild texture.  At a glance, there's nothing that makes this dildo particularly stand out from other dual density toys.  In fact, I almost didn't include it in...
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Review: Tantus Tsunami

Oh, Tsunami.  I wanted to love you.  Your curve, your ridges, your shimmery purple silicone that picks up blue highlights in the right light.  I've heard so many others sing your praises.  Girly Juice touts your magnificent A-spot stimulation, and your role in Crista's OrgasmQuest is the stuff of legends.  But sadly, you're just not...
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday is, hands down, THE BEST time to shop for sex toys.  The deals are getting started now, and will continue through Cyber Monday.  You'll see phenomenal prices as well as sales on rarely discounted items.  If you've been waiting for the right moment to buy yourself or your partner a little something special, it has arrived!


Woodhull SFS 2015 – The Saga Continues

  This is Part 2 of my Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit experience... if you missed Part 1, click here to catch up.

Saturday: Morning Workshops and Luncheon

After a stop at the hotel breakfast buffet to fuel up and caffeinate myself, I headed to Saturday's first session on Sex, Shame and Love with Charlie Glickman.  Charlie talked about...
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Woodhull SFS 2015 – Adventures in Blogging

When I was a kid, I always wished I could go away to summer camp.  I'd read countless books about the magic of camp and the incredible friendships born there.  I wanted that mystical experience of meeting a bunch of other kids from different places, spending every waking hour together, forging bonds that would keep us close until we could...
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