Eleven Pounds

I’ve spent a lot of time combing the internet in search of safe, girthy sex toys.  Many of the options I found in my early searches were porous, phthalate-ridden monstrosities.  Whether you’re already a girth fan, or just looking to experiment with something thicker, this page should save some legwork and point you in the right direction.


SheVibe, bless their hearts, has an ENTIRE CATEGORY of sex toys for size queens. It’s even subdivided into vibrators, dildos and butt plugs.  This is something you do not see every day.  My favorite among their offerings is Vamp Silicone’s Carina…I have this toy in Softskin, and it’s a gentle giant. The Vixen Creations Maverick is another soft option, try Randy for a firmer feel.  Doc Johnson’s Captain Cock is a nice medium-firm option, with extra length for thrusting.  If you’re looking for a larger vibrator, try the Big Boss or Swan Wand.


Tantus is the rare mainstream sex toy company with a solid lineup of thick offerings.  My personal favorite is the soft and filling AmsterdamDuke‘s fat, round head looks stunning in peacock blue, or try the Duchess for a softer touch.  The Anaconda is the dildo that got me started as a girth lover, and introduced me to the magic of handled toys.  Cush, with its dual density and tapered head, is a good choice for those who want to try upsizing.  Their latest big addition is Sam, a realistic dual density toy that can accommodate a vibrator or suction cup.  If you’re really looking to go big, you can read my T-Rex review here.


Split Peaches is a relatively new company with some impressively large offerings.  There’s the large Unicorn Horn, at 11 inches in length, which reaches a diameter of 2.75″ at the base.  Unicorn Horns are available in pearl white or rainbow (if you want an especially magical experience).  Their “Big” toys are appropriately named, with a maximum diameter around 2 inches.  If you love a challenge, the Extra Large toys live up to the name with a thick 2.75″ head.

Split Peaches logo

Exotic-Erotics is a custom toy maker with great multi-size fantasy designs. My personal experience with the company has been overwhelmingly positive. The Hippocampus is beautifully detailed and a joy to use.  You can check out my review of the Raptor here.  I would also recommend Cody to those who prefer a bit more length in their toys.  Their High Fantasy line looks magnificent, check out my Wraith review.

Exotic Erotics banner

Damn Average makes a couple of bigger toys worth noting: The Troll, Cucumber, Rudolph, Above Average Alien and the Longstang. I would hurt anyone who threatened to deprive my vagina of the Longstang. The Cucumber is nice and thick, cast from an actual cuke.  The Above Average Alien is great for those who like a bit of texture.  If you’re up for a serious challenge, the Devil’s Mustang or Taf might be for you.  I am also a forever fan of Sheep’s one-of-a-kind marbled colorations.

Damn Average logo

If you possess a hunger for girth and a love of irreverent humor, you’ll want to head over to Hole Punch Toys.   Hole Punch proudly crafts “small batch, local, seasonal, cruelty free, organic, artisanal sex toys for the discerning pervert”.  Girthy offerings there include the Crotch Rocket, Fluke and Ass Cram Cone.  For an extra filling experience, you should direct your attention to the Moonshiner.

Hole Punch Toys logo

Primal Hardwere is the home of Pedro the Cactus.  They’ve also just released a bunch of new toys that may interest girth fans.  See my review of the Neigh Sayer here.  If the Neigh Sayer isn’t enough for you, there’s always Clyde or the Big Bad Wolf.  Primal Hardwere is a small company that has been fun and friendly to deal with.


Frisky Beast has an ever-expanding line of fantasy toys.  I love my medium Sauropod, and have been generally impressed with where this company is headed.  There are lots of girthy options in array of shapes and textures.  When I’ve had questions or needed help, they’ve been friendly and responsive.


Twin Tail Creations caught my attention in 2016, with new designs and quality work.  I’ve also been impressed with their service and the way they involve fans in their toy development.  I have their large Cortez, which is both beautiful and enjoyable.



Candiru Curio (aka Average) – Average is a one-person operation, so custom orders aren’t always available.  Watch his Tumblr for updates.  Prices are reasonable for custom silicone toys, and his designs generally tend toward the girthy side.  Average also periodically offers customers the opportunity to commission a brand new toy design. If there’s something you’ve always dreamed of but can’t find, here’s your golden opportunity.


Bad Dragon…what to say?  They have lots of designs, and that’s where I got my start exploring fantasy toys.  That being said, they’re no longer my go-to.  There have been numerous instances of poor customer service, especially on custom orders.  There have been allegations of designs submitted to BD Labs being used without credit to the designer, and a variety of other problematic actions.  I prefer to support other fantasy toy makers given the multitude of issues at BD.


If you know of a shop or manufacturer who should be added to this list, give me a shout!

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